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Angry Barry is a political parody high definition 2D side scrolling beat em up in the tradition of classic titles such as Bad Dudes. It is a purely independent title created with an ‘indie’ mentality – making whatever game you want to make without corporate pressure dictating what is created. This game is released for X-Box Live (on X-Box Live, check your Community Games tab, and then go to Action/Adventure games) for the lowest cost possible (400 points), and will be released in the coming months for the PC.

In ‘Angry Barry’ you play the role of the titular ‘Barry’ as you fight a vast assortment of characters through 9 stages in your quest for the presidency of the United States. This quest takes you through a vast assortment of characters ranging from old catladies to Democratic and Republican rivals to the resurrected cybernetic Robo-Gipper. Equipped with punches, kicks, special moves and items, Barry bashes his way through all challengers in this next-generation adventure.

Angry Barry features several special moves and combos, high definition hand drawn and animated 2D graphics,  tons of political humor and parody, an original soundtrack composed exclusively for the game, local 2 player simultaneous play, next generation effects and particles, a huge number of enemies and items on screen at any given time, all of this created by two guys in a basement with no budget to speak of.

Update (July 2009): There have been reports that a small minority of players get an error when first starting the game. This comes from playing on a nonstandard resolution - this will be fixed in an eventual update. Until then, the fix is: set your console to a Standard Resolution, (Such as 640x480, 1280x720, etc.) and the game will work. Sorry for any problems this may have caused!

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Angry Barry is now available on XBox Live! Click here to send the demo or full game to your 360, or go to Community Games to download it!

  • Screenshots (click to enlarge):


On the Tank boss, use your hope punch on the missiles to hurt him!

You have just enough invincibility, once hit, to execute a hope punch without being interrupted!

You cannot be hurt while attacking. Use this to your advantage!



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